Pa Ya Hui, a Malaysian fashion designer indulges in music, art and history, master in pattern cutting and draping technique, is currently based in Malaysia looking for possibilities in new visual language to represent female in an extraordinary way through new technique and concept.

After graduated from Equator Academy of Art at year 2009 with her Diploma in Fashion Design Technology, Pa further study to continue pursue her fashion dream in University of Middlesex, United Kingdom from year 2010 to year 2011. She develops an in depth skill of pattern cutting throughout the years in Degree in Fashion Design and got herself an incredible internship opportunity with one of the best London based designer, Inbar Spector. Pa work as the designer’s assistant in pattern cutting team for a great 2 years. Her knowledge gone greater, her natural born sense of fashion makes her become one of the most love staff in the fashion house. Pa gathers all she can absorb from the finest of fashion industry in the Europe and finally decided to create her own brand PAYAHUI in year 2016.